Expect lots of twists and turns along the way with this ageless show, perfect for the whole family! This visually stunning work of aerial dance, circus arts, illusion and live music, draws from a compilation of material from the past 33-1/3 years. Ahhh HA! recently completed a sold out 5-week run at the Echo Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

"At some point in Do Jump!'s new show, you're likely to observe that you've become unmoored, floating giddily above yourself. And chances are, you'll make that delightful discovery sooner rather than later.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the Declaration of Independence assures us, are our unalienable rights. The order makes sense. First, the right to live. Next, the right to live freely. Then, the right to live fully: richly, if not rich.

Robin Lane has been pursuing happiness for a third of a century with Do Jump!, and there's not a scintilla of doubt that she's made Portland a happier place to be. Do Jump! is the city's prime artistic practitioner of a liberating lightness of being, a giddy weightlessness that is explained only partly by the fact that its acrobatic performers spend so much time up in the air, crawling along the ceiling, swinging on stars, dangling from rafters or balancing on pinpoints.

All of that is important, as is the high level of skill that goes into a Do Jump! show. More important yet is the general air of benevolence, a kind of comedy-making that relies less on punch lines than on good humor and affection. Do Jump! coaxes kids into its friendly web of enchantment (it doesn't take much coaxing; they're eager to chime in) and reminds adults of the happy head-spinning effects of getting lost for a little while to the everyday world. Without denying the seriousness of all that surrounds us, Do Jump! declares: You have the right to escape into wonder. You have the right to feel good. To which it might add: You have the right to remain silent, but betcha can't keep from laughing." - Bob Hicks, The Oregonian

Four versions of DO JUMP! are available to tour. All draw from Do Jump's unique, dynamic, highly physical, highly creative repertoire.

2 hours with intermission
nine performers,
four musicians,
three or four technicians
70 minutes
six to eight performers,
three or four musicians,
two technicians
70 minutes
four to six performers,
one to four musicians,
one technician
SCHOOL SHOW (no tech or aerial)
50 minutes
four performers,
one musician

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