Ahhh HA!

Shows Available for Touring

After nearly two decades touring throughout North America, Do Jump! now has three full length works available for 2011 and beyond. Ahhh HA! (available in one or two acts,) Tiger Lilly & Sunny Lu and At such a Dizzy Height (inspired by the paintings of Marc Chagall.) All three shows feature a scintillating blend of theatre, dance, aerial work, acrobatics, visual art, animation and soundscapes of live and recorded music.

Every Do Jump! show appeals to both the family audience, as well as sophisticated arts patrons.

From small theatres to Broadway, DO JUMP! has a show to fit any stage.

"You notice that everyone sitting behind you is smiling. And everyone across from you is smiling. DO JUMP! would call to mind Cirque du Soleil except that it's so utterly lacking in pretension. And it would call to mind Mummenschanz except that it's only marginally interested in technological wizardry." -New York Newsday

Tiger Lilly & Sunny Lu At Such a Dizzy Height DO JUMP! Repertory

For booking inquiries, please call DO JUMP! at 503.231.1232 or email dojump@dojump.org

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