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Did Omicron Cancel your
holiday Plans?

Or are you just in need of some levity and joy along with a
great recipe for seafood (or vegan) paella?

You are in Luck. You can watch Do Jumps 2020 Holiday Adventure, “Dinner And a Show” now!

Watch the DO Jump Chronicles Here!

The Company learns to make director Robin Lane’s famous Paella as only a company of circus performers and acrobats can. Needless to say they get into a fair amount of unexpected trouble. In the end it is still delicious, and we all get to go into the theater for one of Do Jump’s most hilarious holiday pieces. It’s a great way to spend 35 minutes.

Original music By Joan Szymko for the Dinner Part. Music for the Show part by Tchaikovsky, Courtney Von Drehle and Ralph Huntley.

You can get the recipe for the paella when you get your link to Episode 5 of the Do Jump Chronicles “Dinner & A Show”.

Do Jump performers, Nicolo Kerwald, Kailee McMurran, Jack StockLynn, Rhys Tomas, Britany Walsh, Jacki Ward, Tia Zapp

Directed by Robin Lane

Do you want to laugh and enjoy the feeling that you can only get by watching a talented ensemble of performers who have known each other forever doing what they love to do together?

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Episodes One thru Four begin in the Spring of 2020 and take us thru the Fall. We explore and push the limits of zoom and the confines of our houses as we discover new ways to collaborate and communicate.

Episode Five “Dinner & A Show” takes the viewer on a mad cap journey through the company’s kitchens and dining rooms. It is an intimate and delicious glimpse of a group of ensemble circus performers, dancers, and musicians who have all dedicated their lives to creating ritual and celebration as they face the first holiday season in decades with no holiday show. The result is as close as one can get during a pandemic to experiencing a delicious, mischievous communal dinner and a live performance. Good anytime of year! (There is even an ingredient list in you want to make your own festive Paella).

And Episode 6 “Dare I Say Spring”

Coming Soon

A lot has transpired since the cautious Springtime optimism of Episode 6 and so we have created four more episodes which are in the process of being edited now.

We will soon have the most comprehensive, poignant and zany, multi genre reflection of the evolving experiences of a group of circus performers and musicians during this extraordinary time.

Stay tuned!

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DOJUMP has created breath-taking physical theater since 1977, delighting audiences of all ages from Broadway, NYC to Kodiak, Alaska. Artistic Director Robin Lane’s ground-breaking style combines humor, dance, theater, circus skills, illusion, visual arts, narrative, and live original music designed to transport and transform. Read More

“…highly physical work that juxtaposes the lyrical with the loony, the political with the poetic. [Robin Lane & DOJUMP] reinforces a child’s sense of wonder and revives it in adults.” NY Times

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