DOJUMP’s Outreach programming is rooted in the belief that people can strive for excellence while working together, creating community & celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. For over 30 years, DOJUMP has entertained & enlightened audiences with its special brand of physical theatre. Our hands-on, “on your feet” workshops & residencies are designed to nurture students’ creativity while strengthening their ability to work and play with others. Schedule your workshop & residency

In-School Show

This ever evolving wildly popular show has been performed for decades in school gyms, auditoriums and on stages across the country. It runs 45 minutes plus a question and answer session. DOJUMP Acrobats and our piano player use classic DOJUMP repertoire pieces to engage the audience in sense of wonder. The show reinforces the idea that you can be a wildly unique individual, and when you work together with other wildly unique individuals, real magic can happen. Kindergarteners to college students enjoy this show. Book an In-School Show

One Day Classroom Workshop

A fun class of dance/music theater, circus and ensemble building games and skills. This class pairs perfectly with the DOJUMP School Show. Can be adapted for any grade level. Schedule your workshop with us

Create a Flash Mob Residency

Four days of ensemble building workshops using elements of theater, circus skills, music, dance, improvisation to teach the choreography for an original flashmob performance. When paired with the DOJUMP school show, the flash mob is the surprise opening act, or can be used to spice up another school assembly or event. Create a FLASH MOB

1–12 grades (1–8 up to 3 classrooms/110 kids, 9–12 negotiable). A five day residency. 45 minutes–1 hour per day/per class depending on age group.

K–2 Classroom Ensemble Skill-Building Residency

Using Ensemble building Skills to create a classroom that works and plays together in a respectful, harmonious and creative way. Invite us to your school

4–6 weeks, 3–5 classes per week. Can be customized to fit specific needs and schedules.


Custom Workshops and Residencies K–College

Your idea goes here. We run with it. Let’s CREATE together

Your School Play

We can help you create your school play. From workshops to develop a sense of ensemble within your performers to workshops for specific skills needed in the performance. We can provide choreography directorial, and technical assistance on all or part of your project. Help create original work. Coach individual actors and dancers and help with rigging if you are up in the air. We can help


Teacher Training

Led by DOJUMP Artistic Director Robin Lane, Creator of the DOJUMP school and curriculum. Learn the unique and gradient method for teaching movement and creative performance arts so that kids of all levels and abilities have a chance to participate and learn. This class is also designed to be a fun and stress relieving experience for the teachers. Learn from Robin Lane

Workshops and residencies for Adults

Break the Ice

Using simple movement and music to relax, disarm and invigorate your group. Laughing is usually involved in this workshop that flows seamlessly from introductions to a sense of belonging. Conferences, Corporate, Classroom, Creative Projects, Parties, and Events. Laugh with us

Empower your Group

In depth residency that turn any group into an ensemble. Honing the skills of developing individual creativity while working as a group with the ease, and respect that amplifies your desired outcome. Be empowered with us