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Ahhh Ha!

Expect lots of twists and turns along the way with this ageless show, perfect for the whole family! This visually stunning work comprises aerial dance, circus arts, illusion and live music.
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At Such a Dizzy Height

Inspiration drawn from the paintings of Marc Chagall, DOJUMP takes the audience on a playful journey celebrating life, love, color, shape and spirit.
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Tiger Lilly & Sunny Lu is based on the memoirs of Sunny Lu, a beautiful orange Tabby. See the extraordinary human members of DOJUMP create a one-room feline circus.
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Praise for Ahhh HA

“… Beautiful, exciting, fun… Episodes of fluid mesmerizing grace (the Ahhh moments) Interspersed with quirky, creative physical comedy (the Ha moments).  And the ellipsis?  I like to think is symbolizes the in undefinable connection between them.”
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“… Wonderful vivacity and playfulness that capture young and old…one number was absolutely a breathtaking work, almost a religious experience not to be missed. Ahhh HA is the perfect show for you and your loved ones… sure to be a hit.”
Off Broadway World NYC

“Mischievous glee”
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“At some point in ‘Ahhh HA’ you’re likely to observe that you become unmoored, floating giddily above yourself. And chances are, you make that delightful discovery sooner rather than later.”
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Praise for At Such a Dizzy Height

“… the dancers and acrobats of this troupe bring Chagall’s paintings to life. … each of the sequences in Dizzy Height seems to underscore how the artist longed for his Russian homeland from afar, yet still loved his life in Paris. The effect is visual poetry, running thick with melancholy and love.”
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“What’s great about the company, particularly apparent in this production, is its seamless, elegant merging of various art forms: none stands out over the other, but together the final result is greater than the sum of its parts. This is perhaps one of the company’s best pieces
The Oregonian

“Women hover over a village, a cat loops around a low-flying trapeze, and a couple dances gently. Paying homage to Russian Jewish painter Marc Chagall, Robin Lane’s At Such a Dizzy Height is inspired by the artist’s light- and color-saturated painting. Original music, spoken text, and engaging performances, reveal an artist (Lane) at her peak.”
Dance Magazine

“The show was a huge hit, and I know that the images you created onstage will last a lifetime in the hearts of those who experienced them.”
Heather Spicuzza, Artistic Director, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, St. Paul MN

Praise for Tiger Lily and Sunny Lu

“A cat’s world takes on proportions and values of its own. A couch becomes an entire universe, kitty toys dangled from above are looming aliens, and the sunny spot by the window is more coveted than a pot of gold.

In DOJUMP’s charming new show ‘Tiger Lilly and Sunny Lu: Cirque de Chat,’ company performers really get under the skin — make that the fur — of felines as they romp, wrestle, stretch and cuddle, blending dance, acrobatics and trapeze artistry with an uncanny understanding of cat behavior.”
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Praise for Past Works

“You notice that everyone sitting behind you is smiling. And everyone across from you is smiling. DOJUMP would call to mind Cirque du Soleil except that it’s so utterly lacking in pretension.”
New York Newsday

“… a highly physical work that juxtaposes the lyrical with the loony, the political with the poetic. [DOJUMP] reinforces a child’s sense of wonder and revives it in adults.”
NY Times

“…highly creative…there is no doubt DOJUMP furnishes fun in profusion.”
NY Times

“Poignant and beautiful one moment, inventive and silly the next. We marvel, not only at what they do, but how beautifully they do it.”
The Oregonian

“…they so easily transform… They talk, dance, leap, run, fly. Are they dancers? Actors? Comics? Acrobats? Vaudevillians? Who Cares? They are Liberators.”
The Oregonian

“For 30 years, DOJUMP Has neglected to pay its gravity bill — and audiences can be ever grateful. Saints of both the sublime and the ridiculous, Robin Lane’s troupe embraces the aerial arts, circus frenzy, multimedia sorcery and scintillating propulsive live music to mesmerizing effect.”
Willamette Week

“Lane herself is a magnificent presence and, in one sequence, pillow piece, she used every ounce of comic ingenuity as she wrestles to expose and conceal herself.”
Willamette Week, 1976